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There are three (3) Industry Partner levels to choose from:

Industry Partner $595 per year

  • Logo/link on IGA website,
  • Logo/link on IGA Facebook Page,
  • Logo/link on IGA LinkedIn Page,
  • Logo/link on GlassPartMatch header,
  • Logo/link in all IGA email campaigns.

Partner Plus $995 per year

  • All Industry Partner benefits plus,
  • Logo in the Shatterproof Podcast,
  • Shatterproof Podcast tag and mention,
  • New Member Leads,
  • Full membership list 1 time per year.

Partner Premium $1,495 per year

  • All Industry Partner Plus benefits plus,
  • Premium login placement on GlassPartMatch,
  • Logo/link in part match lookups,
  • Placement in all IGA materials for educational series, conferences, etc.
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