Why Choose OEM Auto Glass?

What You Are About to Read - Just May Save Your Life!

Most automotive glass customers are often lured to aftermarket glass as a low-cost, quick-turnaround alternative by glass shops who are not looking out for your best interest. Most customers think nothing of it. Hey, it's just a windshield. Does it really matter if it's aftermarket or from the original factory?

Actually, it makes a huge difference. On the road, at 70 mph, tiny variations can mean the difference between life and death. Here's the untold truth about windshields: they're integral to the structural integrity of the vehicle and your best ally in a driving catastrophe. In the event of a vehicle rollover, windshields work to keep the vehicle roof from caving in. In a collision, windshields function as a "backstop" when the airbags are deployed. As a result, windshields that loosen or pop out completely are signs of either poor workmanship, poor materials or both, and become a liability both to the driver and to the shop that installed the windshield unit.

Be careful of shops offering rush jobs at discount prices. Windshield replacements usually take about 1 hour (2 hours including safe drive-away time) and costs will vary due to factors like vehicle type/make, need for ADAS recalibration, and more. If a auto glass shop is offering you low ball rates and fast repair/replace, they are simply discounting the safety of you and your occupants.

Be aware that windshield replacement shops should budget time in for your safe drive-away. This is the extra hour or so needed for all sealants and adhesives to cure and harden properly before the car is safely drivable. Safe drive-away time is critical in preserving the effectiveness of primers, sealants and adhesives used in windshield replacement work. Safe drive-away time will add an additional hour to your wait unless the shop uses a product that allows for a shorter safe drive-away time.

When in the market for a windshield replacement or other automotive glass needs, opt for auto glass shops, such as an IGA Certified or AGSC Register Memeber, that use OEM windshields, certified windshields parts & sealants, and involve certified technicians. Do so, and enjoy that confident, peace-of-mind feeling knowing you did your best to protect that which matters most.

Benefits of OEM windshield glass for front glass replacement
  • Meets Safety Standards;
  • Quality Installation;
  • Maintains Your Car Value;
  • No Compromise On Any Feature; and
  • Ensures Proper ADAS Recalibration.