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How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership

Being an active member of the IGA is a two-way street. We seek to provide you with products and services to help you succeed both professionally and personally, and in turn we want you to be involved with the IGA on multiple levels. So make the most of your membership by getting involved today -- ask questions, give us feedback and share the programs that help you!

Always Open Program


Independent Glass Retailers cannot afford to lose leads and jobs to companies that have a nationwide presence who answer their phone, provide quotes, and schedule job 24 hours a day. In some cases, you may simply want a more efficient and cost effective method to handle increased call volume without hiring staff.


Branding and Identity Program

Affordable, professional and effective branding and identity solutions that include logo design or redesign, stationary design packs including letterhead, business cards, mirror hanger/warranty forms, website design, and more.

committed to personal and professional development

Improving the level of professionalism on an
individual basis and throughout the auto glass industry!


The IGA cares about part quality and safety in the AGRR industry. With your help, we can ake a difference and let the manufacturers know of issues with their materials.


Invoice XPRESS

For shops that do not have the resources to prepare electronic invoices, the IGA has developed a program called Invoice Xpress that allows these shops to submit their invoice information via fax, email or telephone call to the IGA service center and in turn the IGA will prepare and electronically submit their invoices.


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